2270 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles 90006
Obvious Plant's Museum of Toys

Obvious Plant Museum of Toys, Los Angeles



What is it?

Obvious Plant's Museum of Toys is a Los Angeles pop-up exhibit that walks visitors through an alternate history of toys.

In this alternate reality, real toys are recontextualized and placed alongside Obvious Plant's original toys to create a darker, more bizarre version of the past.


Why should I go?

The museum features 100+ toys and games, each one unique and altered in a humorous way.  Multiple interactive exhibits can also be found throughout the exhibit. 

Enjoy photo opportunities such as a life-size action figure box. Step inside and become a toy yourself!

Special guest appearances include pop-up shops from popular Los Angeles-based Internet personalities such as Poorly Drawn Lines, Everything is Terrible, Oddly Weird Shop and more.


Who is Obvious Plant?

The Obvious Plant Museum of Toys is the work of Jeff Wysaski. Since 2015, Jeff has been creating fake signs, toys and products, and leaving them out in the real world for people to find. Based in Los Angeles, his goal is to make our monotonous, everyday world just a little more interesting and bizarre.

Obvious Plant has a combined 600,000 followers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.